About Us

The Urban Dictionary defines "Bae" as "A reference to someone's crush, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse." Bae Boutique is committed to providing women with the confidence and fashions to look, feel and become "Bae".

Welcome to Bae Boutique, your women's fashion and accessories catalogue.  We're dedicated to giving you the very best shopping experience, by always providing trendy and affordable pieces, along with delivering great customer service.

Founded in 2020 by Lynn, Bae Boutique has come a long way from  just an idea. The Philly native and mother of two wondered if she could balance being a mom, full time accountant and entrepreneur. After having 2 children in her late 20's, Lynn suffered from low self esteem due to body changes. She spent nearly 3 years avoiding gatherings, and social functions because she simply didn't feel pretty or cute.  She slowly began to gain her confidence back, buying cute pieces and going out again. "I had to remember that I'm BAE PERIODT! (Fupa and all)."


Then in 2020, she decided she wanted to offer clothing to women that would allow them to feel sexy and desired at a reasonable price. 


Bae Boutique would like to thank all of our customers for your support, we hope to continue to offer products that make you feel like "Bae"